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Top address for German wines in Munich


On the initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI i.e. Wines of Germany), a new Riesling Lounge was opened on 21 September 2017 in the "Vintage Selection" wine bar in the trendy Munich Glockenbachviertel.

In his wine bar, proprietor Marian Kreuzer focuses one hundred per cent on wines from the domestic wine regions. "We provide German wine with the platform it deserves," is his credo. The distinction of being chosen by the DWI to operate as an official Riesling Lounge is a special honour for the committed team.

Within the context of its Riesling Lounge Initiative, the DWI honours in major cities of the country one wine bar or restaurant which puts a special emphasis on domestic wines. Here, consumers can experience the whole diversity of German wines in a modern and uncomplicated way, the grape variety Riesling being only representative for the wide range of first-class wines from German cellars.

"The Vintage Selection wine bar is a perfect partner for our Riesling Lounge concept. Their selection of over 100 wines from renowned domestic producers as well as newcomers is complemented by wine seminars and winemakers´ evenings," explained DWI spokesman Ernst Büscher at the official opening ceremony.

With the inauguration of its ninth Riesling Lounge nationwide in Munich, the DWI expands its recommended venues for domestic wines in Germany´s major cities. Existing Lounges are to be found in Berlin, , Dresden, , Frankfurt, , Gießen, , Hamburg, , Hannover,  and Rostock,

Contact to Riesling Lounge Munich:
Westermühlerstr. 39
80469 Munich
Tel: 089 – 88569718

Über 100 deutsche Weine von etablierten Erzeugern und von Newcomern umfasst das Angebot der Weinbar „Vintage Selection“ von Inhaber Marian Kreuzer (links) im hippen Münchner Glockenbachviertel, die jetzt vom DWI als Riesling Lounge ausgezeichnet wurde.