Vinordic Wine Challenge: New Medal-Record for Germany


The winners of the Vinordic Wine Challenge 2021, Sweden's largest wine competition, have been announced. At the beginning of May, German white wines won numerous medals in the white wine as well as the organic wine segment.

The following German wines have won medals

  • Silver -  Hans Baer, Riesling dry 2020 (category  89 crowns)
  • Gold -   Dr L Riesling, 2020 (category  bis 99 crowns)
  • Bronze - Ruppertsberger Imperial Riesling, 2019 (category  bis 99 crowns)
  • Gold -  Von Winning Riesing 2019, (category  bis 119 crowns)
  • Bronze - Sander Riesling, dry, 2020 (category  bis 109 crowns)
  • Gold - Corvers Kauter, Rheingau Riesling Remastered 2020, (category  bis 129 crowns)
  • Gold – Von Winning Win Win Riesling dry 2020, (category  bis 139 crowns
  • Silver - Corvers Kauter Terra 50, Riesling off dry, 2020, (category  bis 129 crowns)

Organic wine category: winners from Germany

  • Gold - Ruppertsberger Imperial Cuvee Organic 2019 (category  bis 79 crowns)
  • Silver - R Riesling, Organic 2020, (category  bis 99 crowns)
  • Bronze - Ruppertsberger Riesling, Pfalz, Orgnic 2020, (category  bis 89 crowns)

This year's jury has selected Sweden's most competitive wines from the range of the state monopoly "Systembolaget", divided into twelve categories.

1078 competitors in this challenge

A record was set for the number of competition entries, which totaled 1,078; that is 240 wines more than last year's record. The Vinordic Wine Challenge is organized annually by the Stockholm Fair in collaboration with Allt om Vin magazine. There was no physical award ceremony this year, but the winners can be found on the GastroNord and Allt om Vin websites.

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