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A decade ago, wines from the 13 German growing regions were difficult to find in Warsaw. Since then, Warsaw's wine scene has changed significantly. More and more wine lovers of Riesling & Co are looking forward to the expanded wine range now available thanks to two new wine bars in the Polish capital that complement the existing gastronomy and specialist trade.

The successful entrepreneur, Dr. Till Jeske, has fulfilled a personal dream by co-founding the wine bar "Czarne Czerwone Złote" ("Black Red Gold") with his partner Agnieszka Sambor. Their wine bar and shop in downtown Warsaw, offers German wines exclusively. It opened in the middle of August 2020 - and then had to close due to the new Covid lockdown.

The selection has been personally curated by the founders who visited a total of 18 German wineries in 2019 and 2020 then decided to work with 13 of them. "We want to cultivate a personal relationship with the estates," says Til Jeske. "Czarne Czerwone Złote" imports the wines directly and most of them are not available elsewhere in Poland.

The following German wineries are represented there:

  • Horst Sauer, Franken
  • Meyer Näkel, Ahr
  • Friedrich Becker, Pfalz
  • Basserman Jordan, Pfalz
  • Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett, Pfalz
  • Ökonomierat Rebholz, Pfalz
  • Von Winnig, Pfalz
  • Van Volxem, Mosel
  • Bischöfliches Weingut, Rheingau
  • Wittmann, Rheinhessen
  • August Kesseler, Rheingau
  • Robert Weil, Rheingau
  • Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein, Mosel

In addition to all the wines that can be drunk directly in the bar at the shop price with a small corkage fee, there were - and hopefully there will be again soon - typical snacks from the different wine regions to accompany the wines, such as Flammkuchen from the Pfalz. The team is currently concentrating on setting up and expanding an online shop and delivery service.

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Wine bar "Frank" with wine from Franken

Our second discovery is the “Frank” wine bar on Grzybowska 43A in Warsaw. Here, the German-based entrepreneur, Marek Pietrzyk, fully lives out his passion for the Franconian region and its wines. The portfolio chosen by the owner, who is originally from Lodz, started with wines from the Bürgerspital, Weingut am Stein and the staatlichen Hofkeller, as well as from family wineries such as Weingut Ernst Molitor, Klaus Höfling and Christine Pröstler.

“We want to revive the once close bond between Germany and Poland and bridge the sometimes apparent gap of the last century with wine culture” explains Pietrzyk.
The “Frank” team opened their shop in mid-2019 with the aim of sharing their own fascination for Franconian wine with the residents of Warsaw. With its online shop, "Frank" also offers the opportunity to enjoy a glass of German wine culture outside of Warsaw.

“We have made it our business, on the one hand, to put the Franken region in the focus of our restaurant and, on the other, to present German wine culture as a whole. Warsaw, as the capital and an open cosmopolitan city, offers the best conditions for achieving these goals.”

"Frank" is the only restaurant in Poland that represents both wines and dishes from the Franken region. Under the direction of the chef, Mariusz Ledwoch, numerous unusual and in Poland (still) little-known specialties of Franconian cuisine are created. Including: Nuremberg sausages, meat loaf, tarte flambée and also the popular wine soup. The dishes are prepared in the traditional way or reinterpreted by the "Frank" kitchen.

List of wineries:

  • Weingut Bürgerspital
  • Weingut am Stein
  • Weingüter Ernst Molitor
  • Klaus Höfling
  • Christine Pröstler

More Information:

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Winebar "Frank" in Warsaw, Poland