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Wine-Biking Premiere in Berlin


For the very first time 'Wines of Germany' invited 'Generation Riesling'-winemakers, journalists, sommeliers and players of the trade to go on a wine biking tour in Berlin. The participants cycled from Potsdam to the capital city in three teams and solved wine knowledge tasks on their way.

A great opportunity for networking and wine talks during a Barbecue at the "Tempelhofer Feld" finish line. It was only then that the tastings commenced (Don't drink and drive!). Six Generation Riesling vintners joined the event and presented their wine creations.

  • Matthias Schuh, Weingut Schuh, Sachsen
  • Manuel Brixius, Weingut Brixius, Mosel
  • Christiane Koebernik, Weingut Emmerich-Koebernik
  • Stefan Bietighöfer, Weingut Bietighöfer, Pfalz
  • Philipp Freitag, Weingut Freitag, Rheinhessen
  • Martina Bernhard, Weingut Bernhard, Rheinhessen

The tour started at Sanssouci Castle in Potsdam, west of Berlin. Three teams joined with two vintners and a tour guide each met in front of the reknowned vinyrad terrasses. Alongside the "Wannsee"-lake the individual teams cycled via Zehlendorf and Schöneberg back to Berlin.

En route each team solved diverse tasks at their wine-stops and answered questions regarding the  GR-vintner's wines and respective regions. Finally, all three teams reached Berlin where a pre-arranged barbecue rewarded the winebiking cyclist. A great networking opportunity for the participants of the tour and the GR-winemakers.

Seeing the great sucess of the tour, The German Wine Institute i.e. Wines of Germany considers to repeat this event in 2018, possibly in a different city.

More pics: see GR-Facebook-Fansite


Generation Riesling #weinbiking01 - Stopp im Fischtalpark

Team 1 unterwegs

Team 2 unterwegs

Team 3 unterwegs

Sommeliers, Gastronomen, Weinhändler, Journalisten und Blogger nahmen an der ersten Weinbiking-Tour der Generation Riesling teil.

Team 3: #roteteufel

Team 2. #rieslingreiter

Team 1: #winedine69

GR Weinbiking Station