Wine consumption stable in Germany


A special COVID-19 impact report conducted by Wine Intelligence examines the coronavirus pandemic and how German wine drinkers are reacting to the restrictions in their everyday lives.


Wine consumption largely stable

The result is, that wine consumption remains quite stable overall. Lost opportunities in gastronomy and at social events have been offset by increased consumption at home and through online meetings or wine tastings with family and friends.

Germans are thus maintaining their spending pattern for wine at home - unlike other markets where spending has declined.

Looking to the future, German wine drinkers seem by and large optimistic about the resumption of their former social lifestyle. Many accept that this year's holiday will be more local than the Mediterranean or overseas.

Positive feeling about the wine market remains

The good news is that around every sixth wine drinker states that they want to treat themselves to a better wine when the crisis is over.


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Photo: DWI