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Winequeen workshop promotes talent


Seven weeks prior to the grand election of Germany's 70th Winequeen candidates participate in a 3-day preparatory workshop. English language skills are one part of a public assessment during two tv-shows one of which is broadcasted live in september.

One of the main professions being taught is a camera- and rhetorik training. The candidates get individual recommendations for their live tv-performance in front of a camera i.e. a public tv-audience. Additionally, the young business women get a style conseling and profit of a photo shooting prior to the show.

Last but not least, all candidates get an English language training in order to perform best during the selective first tv-show when 6 out of 13 candidates get picked for the final contest (2nd tv show). Finally only three candidates receive the honor of an official title as Germany's Federal Wineambassadors (One winequeen, two wineprincesses).

This year's 12 candidates (wine region "Ahr" not represented in this year):

  • Franziska Aatz, Baden
  • Klara Zehnder, Franken
  • Jessica Lehmann, Hess.Bergstraße
  • Jessica Gottsauner, Mittelrhein
  • Kathrin Hegner, Mosel
  • Pauline Baumberger, Nahe
  • Inga Storck, Pfalz
  • Tatjana Schmidt, Rheingau
  • Lea Kopp, Rheinhessen
  • Juliana Beer, Saale-Unstrut
  • Maria Lehmann, Sachsen
  • Carolin Klöckner, Württemberg

Notes to the editor: The function of a ‘Wineueen’ was introduced already in the 30’s of this century, where young daughters of wine farmers represented the vintners of a city or a wine region during their annual wine festivals.

The purpose was (and still is) for public relations in order to connect moderate wine consumption positively with a young image.

The first German Wine Queen was elected in 1949. Ever since the election takes place annualy every autumn. The time period for the "regency" is always one year.
The role of the Winequeen during this time developed considerably: from a pure representational function to a role with multiple presentation and moderation tasks:

  • Representing all German vintners and wine regions worldwide
  • Being an ambassador for German wines world wide
  • Informing trade and consumers on the fine German wines of today,  the production and marketing, the combination of German wines with food, the new trends and traditional wine styles, the benefits of a moderate wine consumption

More than 200 events per year in Germany and abroad - the diary of the ‘First Lady of German Wines’ is packed. The opening of a German Wine & Sektfestival, interviews and photo - sessions with press, radio and TV, Wine tastings and visits to the major export countries for German wines - like the UK, USA, The Netherlands, China and Japan.

A summary of the rules for the election:

  • Each of the 13 wine region sends its regional wine queen as a candidate
  • The candidate must have a strong relationship to German wines
  • The candidate must be a minimum of 18 years old

Alle Termine der Wahl im Überblick  hashtag: #WDDW18

Video der Wahl im Vorjahr (ARD)

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Die Kandidatinnen zur Jubiläumswahl der 70. Deutschen Weinkönigin. Quelle: Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)/Angelika Stehle

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