Wines of Germany gains influence according to


Germany is amoung the top 10 wine countries on Looking into the world's biggest wine database there is precious little difference in the rankings, but plenty of difference in how different countries – and their regions – are trending.

Germany is the clear winner

"The clear winner is Germany, surprisingly", states in its latest anlysis. The 13 German wine regions in the renowned cool climate zone improved their ranking and are ahead of New Zealand now.

German wine searches have increased by 817 percent

According to, German wine searches have increased by 817 percent across the decade, easily outstripping its rivals. Next best is Italy with a 626 percent increase in searches, New Zealand (534 percent), Spain (532 percent) and Chile (502 percent).

Crisper Rieslings and impressive Pinot Noir

The past 10 years have shown a bigger increase in interest for Germany among Wine-Searcher users than any of the other main wine-producing countries, as crisper Rieslings and increasingly impressive Pinot Noirs have hit the market.

430% increase in total wine searches

In 2010, the top 25 wine countries accounted for 3.6 million searches each month on Wine-Searcher; today that figure is more than 15.5 million, or a 430 percent increase. What gets interesting is when you dig into how each country is faring when measured against that benchmark.

The current top 10 wine countries on Wine-Searcher are France, Italy, the US, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Germany and New Zealand. That's subtly different to 2010, when the US was ahead of Italy, Argentina was ranked ahead of Chile and New Zealand was ahead of Germany.

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