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Young Growers "Step on the Gas"


A spirit of optimism pervaded the first summit meeting of "Generation Riesling" in the Mainz citadel. Some 80 young wine-growers - highly qualified, motivated, committed and full of new ideas - accepted the invitation of the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI), Mainz, to the first workshop of "Generation Riesling".

Franz Ringhoffer, head of the Mainz department of commerce, greeted the guests from 12 of Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions in the city’s historical citadel with the words: “You are our hope for the future.”

In her opening remarks, Monika Reule, managing director of the DWI, emphasized that “Generation Riesling” embodies a common feeling and movement that has to emanate from and be felt and created by the participants themselves. According to Reule: “Generation Riesling is open to all young players in the German wine industry who wish to help lend a personal expression and youthful image to German wine at home and abroad.” In this respect, the DWI provides a forum to communicate “Generation Riesling” as an umbrella to consolidate ideas and impetus from all wine-growing regions, including all grape varieties.

In other words, the concept “Generation Riesling” is not restricted to Riesling per se. The term reflects the grape variety most often associated worldwide with Germany’s finest wines and thus serves as an appropriate leitmotif.

Peer F. Holm, sommelier and wine merchant, and first speaker at the event, talked about “German wines in the trendy restaurant scene.” Holm is part of the team of “,” an agency that organizes sommeliers for all kinds of lifestyle events. In all, his remarks ended with: “The odds are very very good. It will pay for young wine-growers to get involved.”

Jochen Krisch, consultant for electronic commercial applications, called upon the young growers to reach for “clarity, character and authenticity.” He reminded them to “always keep these in mind. You are selling emotions.” Krisch reported on the steadily increasing importance of social networks via Internet.

Dr. Ing. Oliver Kemmann, from the agency KEMWEB, concluded with remarks about the planned online presence of “Generation Riesling” ( The ambitious goal is to establish this new communication platform for young wine-growers and wine industry experts by the end of July and thus go online as quickly as possible. The portal will lend a personal expression to “Generation Riesling.”

The young wine-growers were able to acquire new ideas on marketing opportunities in workshops themed on the wine and restaurant trade, export, media and Internet.

Everyone had lunch together and then a wine tasting, for which all participants contriibuted wines. One participant summed up the day: “The workshop was super. I left with many new ideas and look forward to continuing this work.” ("Generation Riesling" twittert and they communicate via the network "Facebook".)