White Grapes

Weißburgunder - light summer wine, ideal for food pairing

This ancient variety, which is known as Pinot Blanc in France, grows in fertile or chalky soil and ripens quite late. It is harvested later than Müller-Thurgau but earlier than Riesling. It thrives excellently everywhere where it is too hot for Riesling.

Weißburgunder wines have a less pronounced, relatively neutral bouquet, yet more acidity than the Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) from which the grape mutated. Most wines made from Weißburgunder are known for harmonizing perfectly with many types of food as it can be lightfooted, fresh and with well-integrated acidity. It smells and tastes of citrus fruit, pears, melons, green nuts. It is well suited for making sparkling wine or maturing in barrique barrels and  reaches impressive qualities in top locations.

Since 1970, when only 0,9% of all vineyards in Germany were planted with this grape, the number has increased noticebly. In 2018,  5.4% of the German vineyard area is planted with Weißburgunder, predominantly in Baden, Rheinhessen and Pfalz.