Hisashi & Takahiro Yamano

Japanese importer Herrenberger Hof was founded 1982 in Kobe. In 1995 the company had to move to Osaka after a powerful earthquake struck. Herrenberger Hof also opened a branch in Tokyo which now operates as a successful business.

In 1996, the company started to focus mainly on German brands.

Hisashi Yamano (deceased December 23rd 2021) built up the company with a lot of dedication. In 2000 he spent a year at Weingut Huber in Baden, becoming an expert in winemaking and German wine in particular.

His son, Takahiro Yamano also spent three years as an apprentice in Germany with various producers including Bernhard Huber and Georg Breuer between 2001 and 2003. Today he leads Herrenberger Hof with more than 50 German wineries in its portfolio.

Takahiro’s dedication for Riesling saw him form the “Riesling Ring” with other wine experts in Japan in 2009. The “Riesling Ring” organises annual grand Riesling events as well as restaurant and retail promotion – the “Summer of Riesling” – in cooperation with Paul Grieco, Riesling Fellow from the United States.