Nigel Blundell

Nigel Blundell

In 1975 Nigel joined Walter S. Siegel Ltd and went on to buy the company in 1984 which was later to become Siegel Wine Agencies Ltd.

Since joining Siegel Wine Agencies, Nigel has become the agent for many Germany producers including Dr Loosen, Mosel, and in subsequent years, Gunderloch, Rheinhessen; Donnhoff, Nahe; Leitz, Rheingau; J. L. Wolf, Pfalz; Furst, Franconia; Karl H Johner, Baden and three years ago Jean Stodden, Ahr.

Nigel sold Siegel Wine Agencies to Mike Awin and Julius Barratt of Australian Wineries in 2005 and it was subsequently renamed Awin, Barratt, Siegel plc. Nigel is due to (reluctantly!) retire in 2014 where he will pursue his hobbies of sailing, singing and skiing.

Nigel was born in 1943 into a family who were very much involved in the wine and brewing trade. His father and Grandfather worked for C.W. Blundell Ltd of Plymouth and Kingsbridge and Nigel’s introduction into the wine trade began from this point.

In 1960 he joined J.J. Norman Ltd of Exeter and then went on to join the wine department in Jacksons of Piccadilly three years later. In 1964 Nigel was picking grapes at Chateau Angludet in Bordeaux and then moved on to work for various retailers ranging from Fortnum and Masons and Williams and Humbert to Norton and Langridge and Rigby and Evens.