Wine & food


Wine and Food

Delicious seafood, hearty grilled dishes or sweet pastries and chocolate: we give tips on all things wine and food.

Wine & Food

German Wines and Asian Cuisines

German wines have a natural advantage when it comes to harmony with selected Asian dishes. Their lighter alcohol content, freshness and elegance make them the perfect accompaniment. read more

Wine & Food

German Wines and Nordic Cuisine

German wines pair exceptionally well with Nordic cuisine. Try some of these delicious recipes with their matched wines. read more

Wine & Food

Seafood and Wine

The great variety of seafood invites you to be creative in the kitchen. And the great variety of German white and rosé wines makes it easy to find just the right wine to go with your crustaceans, mussels and other seafood delights. read more

Wine & Food

Mushrooms, pumpkin & wine

Autumnal delights are distinguished by their variety of taste and colour. Suitable wines from the German wine-growing regions are the crowning glory of autumnal mushroom and pumpkin dishes. read more

Wine & Food

Barbecue with Fruity Wines

During the last couple of years, the classic barbecue has been turned into sophisticated outdoor cooking. The demands on the quality of the meat, fish and vegetables used have increased just as much as the desire to have the perfect wine to accompany the food. read more

Wine & Food

Chocolate and Wine - A Sweet Liaison

Silky finish, incomparable sweetness, fine spices - wine or chocolate? Both can be described very well with these enjoyable attributes. Read More

Wine & Food

Fondue & Raclette

Long winter evenings and New Year’s Eve are excellent opportunities for a fondue or raclette in delightful company. And the enjoyment is enhanced if the culinary diversity is complemented by suitable wines. read more


Wine & Food

Asparagus seeks Wine!

Asparagus's slightly bitter notes can, however, make it a tricky partner when it comes to wine. It often clashes when paired with the standard fruit-driven varietals. read more

Wine & Food

Wine and Sweet Treats

The fact that wine and sweet desserts can make for a wonderfully harmonious combination is well known by now. However, the idea that Christmas cookies and noble sweet wines can create pleasant culinary surprises is probably new to many wine lovers. read more