German Wines and Asian Cuisine

JAPAN Sukiyaki

Wine Recommendation: Spätburgunder, full bodied Lemberger or Dornfelder.



Beef sliced meat 400g

Seri or Shungiku or Watercress 200g

Fried tofu (can be substituted with Momen tofu) 1 block

Tomatoes 2-3

Leek 2

Sukiyaki stock:
Dashi soup 300 ml
Soy sauce 3-4 tbsp
German white wine 4 tbsp
Sugar 3 tbsp


1. Drop the roots of Seri (Shungiku or watercress) and cut them to 4 to 5 cm of length. Cut fried tofu into bite-sized pieces. Cut tomatoes into wedges. Cut leek diagonally.

2. Put the ingredients of the Sukiyaki stock and half of the leek in a pan and boil.

3. When boiled, add the beef, and cook through, then enjoy leek and meat first.

4. Skim off the scum from the pan and add tofu. When the broth is boiled, turn down the heat and boil for 2 minutes until the tofu is fully heated, then add the rest of the ingredients and warm through.

*Adding tomato to the ordinary ingredients gives a little lightness and freshness (light sourness) which improves the compatibility with wine.