Wine & more

Wine and more

Winegrowers not only offer wine. In well-stocked salesrooms or outstanding vinotheks, there is an attractive range of additional products available. Grapes are multi-talented. There is hardly a fruit that is marketed in so many variations - whether liquid, as wine, sparkling wine and juice, or solid, as a table grape, raisin and sultana - the use of red and white grape varieties are virtually unlimited. No wonder then that many winemakers offer grapes in many refined versions and mixed drinks.

Sparkling Wine: Sekt

Be it New Year’s Eve, a party or brunch, a Formula One or a horse race – whenever people are bubbling over with joy, it’s hard to imagine them without a glass of bubbly, the sparkling crown jewel of winemaking. read more

Blanc de noir

'Blanc de Noir' has been enjoying increasing popularity among wine lovers for several years. But what is behind this special white wine? read more

Rosé wines

Rosé wines and sparkling wines have experienced an enormous boost in quality and image in recent years. The German Wine Institute wants to pick up on this trend in the coming year and puts a special focus on the rosé wines. Continue reading


Punch is a refreshing summer drink made of wine, sparkling wine and fruit or herbs. Colourful, fruity and well chilled, this fizzy classic guarantees fruity enjoyment. read more

Wine Spritzers – it’s all in the Mix

On a hot summer’s day, a well-chilled wine spritzer – consisting in roughly equal parts of fresh white wine and sparkling mineral water – is pure enjoyment. read more

Secco – bubbling pleasure

Whenever spirits rise and you feel like sharing the joy with others, Secco can be a light alternative to sparkling wine. read more

Federweißer - new wine

If you hold the glass to your ear, Federweißer (new wine) sounds like murmuring waves. When the time of the grape harvest has come, you can get Rauscher, Sauser or Brauser on every street corner. read more


If you’re on the lookout for new and even exotic flavours to tickle your taste buds, you can create wonderful cocktails using wine, sparkling wine, spirits and other ingredients. read more 

Alcohol-free Wine

Alcohol-free still and sparkling wines are on trend. Even though they comprise one of the smallest segments in the wine scene as a niche product, demand and supply are steadily growing. read more

Mulled Wine – pleasure in the cold Season

More and more German winegrowers offer home-made mulled wine based on individual recipes, partly in organic quality. read more


Brandy and Spirits

Grapes can be processed into a number of interesting products. Scarcely any other fruit can be marketed in so many ways - whether liquid, as wine, sparkling wine or grape juice - or solid, as table grapes, raisins or sultanas. read more

Wine Vinegar

Wine lovers are increasingly discovering wine vinegar as a delicious enhancement to culinary delights. read more

Grapeseed Oil

Other nutritious products, such as grapeseed oil, can also be derived from grapes, adding new flavours for your culinary enjoyment. read more