Grapeseed Oil

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Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is extracted from dried grape seeds. One liter of cold-pressed, unfiltered grapeseed oil is obtained from 50 kg of grape seeds.

The oil is very aromatic. Its characteristic taste of grapes, pomace and nuts with a mild accent of fresh country butter and banana, goes well with wholesome, strong sauces, dips and salads. It can be used for all cold and warm dishes and is the only natural cold-pressed oil suitable for frying.

The high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (over 90%, of which 70% is essential linoleic acid) makes the oil ideal for a conscious diet. Its bioactive ingredients (including procyanidin = "free radicals scavenger") are largely retained even at temperatures above 190 ° C. The oil is therefore ideal not only for frying, but also for cooking and baking.

This property, its color range from golden yellow to olive green, as well as the valuable health benefits make this ‘Green Gold’ highly prized.