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"New Wine" harvested in Germany

On August 23rd, the first grapes of the early-ripening Solaris variety were harvested in the Rheinhessen region of Germany after reaching almost 70 degrees Oechsle. Wine estates from the Pfalz region also confirmed that they had begun "new wine" production, as reported by the German Wine Institute (DWI).


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Best sommeliers for German wines awarded in China

Yingxia Hu, Fengzhi Zhang and Jie Shen won the 2nd 'Best Sommelier Competition of German Wine' in China. It took place at Hongkou Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai on August 16th, 2021. This annual event gets organized by the German Wine Institute.

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Wine world responds to Ahr disaster with overwhelming solidarity

The flood disaster in the Ahr Valley has led to an unprecedented solidarity amongst the entire wine world with the winemakers affected. In order to communicate the numerous relief efforts as quickly and widely as possible, the German Wine Institute (DWI) immediately set up an overview page that lists all campaigns, offers of aid and accounts for...

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Japanese wine expert: My German superhero wine

What do the Rheingau and a desert island have in common? According to our interviewee Takahiro Yamano: the wine. The managing director of Japanese import company Herrenberger Hof reveals in “The German Wine Questionnaire” which German Riesling gives him superpowers.

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Dramatic situation in Ahr wine region - help for producers

The flood disaster last week has had a devastating impact on many, including the wine producers of the Ahr Valley. Particularly in Ahrweiler, but also in the surrounding villages of Mayschoss and Dernau, the deluge of water has carried away barrels, wine bottles and machines, thus destroying entire wine-producing businesses and livelihoods.

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18. Decanter World Wine Awards: Record year for German wines

Record year for German wines at this year's Decanter World Wine Awards: not only with Riesling, but also with world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These came from the Ahr and Baden. In the tasting notes of the jury it was said that it could be that Germany's wine landscape was beginning to present itself a little more "Burgundy".


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Clink Different: Retail and gastronomy in focus

What to expect from the continuation of the 'Clink Different' campaign, the US wine world found out in latest press events like "Variety in Varietals" and "Bubbly & Bites". The Clink Different Academy started on June 30th. A national dealer promotion will start in August.


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ASI General Assembly in Great Wine Capital Mainz

For the second time since 2006, the annual general assembly of the international sommelier association ASI took place in Germany. The two-day conference with the presidents of over 30 national sommelier associations took place in the football stadium of 1. FSV Mainz 05, in the Great Wine Capital Mainz.

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Meldungen aus dem DWI

The German Wine Questionnaire: Lars Daniels answers

In this expert interview the Dutch wine connoisseur reveals his preferred blend of the best German single-vineyard wines he would enjoy on a lonely island.

Lars Daniëls, MV (highest Dutch wine title, “Magister Vini”), is senior editor at Perswijn Magazine and author for the Danish wine magazine DinVinGuide. In 2019 he was raised to the status of...

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Wines of Germany USA Launches Prost Every Moment Campaign

The German Wine Institute's US-agency has launched a new integrated marketing campaign entitled "Prost Every Moment" that seeks to celebrate all of life’s moments with some added German flare.

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