2020 Wine Guides reveal new and confirm established names


It’s not only an annual name dropping routine of great interest to gourmets and wine critics alike: every november, the three reknowned wine guides "Eichelmann", "Gault&Millau" and "vinum" present the results of their individual tastings to the press.

All three oft them cherish the work of Germany’s winemakers and assist winelovers around the globe to get more orientation in their ever lasting hunt for fine German wines.

Eichelmann 2020  presented at the Heidelberg Castle

The jubilee edition "Eichelmann 2020 Germany's Wines" presented at the Heidelberg Castle features more than 11,000 wines from almost 1,000 wineries. For the best wine collections, the editors awarded several awards, as well as promoters and discovery of the year and the Ahrwinzer Werner Näkel for his life's work.

For the best white wine collection of the year the winery Bischel from Appenheim in Rheinhessen is awarded, for the best red wine collection the winery Klopfer from Weinstadt-Großheppach in Remstal. The award for the best sweet and noble sweet collection of the year goes this year to the winery Dr. med. Corvers-Kauter in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau. For the best sparkling wine collection, Michael Andres and Steffen Mugler and their champagne cellar Andres & Mugler are awarded in Ruppertsberg in the Palatinate.

Newcomer of the year is the winery Jülg from Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the South Palatinate. For the first time, a winemaker was recognized as a Discovery of the Year: Ronald Linder, a career changer, took over the parental Winzerhof Linder in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl in the early 2010s and changed the business to biodynamic farming.

In addition to the wineries of the year Eichelmann presented a classic wine, which is included in the "Mondo Classic Library". This year, the choice fell to the situation Kirchberg in Oberrotweil am Kaiserstuhl with the Spätburgunder large greenhouse by Konrad Salwey.

The honorary prize for the life's work was awarded this year to Werner Näkel, winemaker in Dernau. He was "the most renowned winemaker on the Ahr" and he was "the upswing that has taken the region in the last twenty years, significantly owed". More:

Gault & Millau: Mathieu Kauffmann Winemaker of the Year 2020

For the 27th time, the recently published Gault & Millau Weinguide 2020 awards the best winegrowers and wines in Germany. The editors named the Alsatian Mathieu Kauffmann "wine grower of the year". For six years he was responsible for the wines and sects of the Reichsrat von Buhl estate and recently founded a sparkling wine estate in the Palatinate with VDP President Steffen Christmann.

For the Gault & Millau Weinguide 2020, the team around editor-in-chief Britta Wiegelmann evaluated and evaluated 1078 wineries and 11,800 wines. For the winemaker of the year, the editors chose the Alsatian Mathieu Kauffmann. "Kauffmann's bold handwriting will have a lasting impact on Germany's wine culture," the Gault & Millau team is convinced. "He relies uncompromisingly on terroir and longevity and gives the Riesling such a striking face. With a practiced view from the outside he brings back to mind what is in this noble grape variety, if you let outstanding situations speak for themselves."

As the newcomer of the year, the wine experts chose the Corvers-Kauter winery in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau: "Unstoppable, that's Matthias and Philipp Corvers! Within a short time they have catapulted to the Rheingau peak. The sudden doubling of their area has only spurred the father-son duo, "says Gault & Millau. Last year, the family won around 15 hectares of prime vineyards from the portfolio of the Langwerth winery in Simmern through long-term leases.

The discovery of the year - this year a duo - comes from the Moselle. Philipp Kettern and Daniel Niepoort convinced the Gault & Millau team with their project Fio Wines. The idea: to crush Riesling, as it used to be, spontaneously fermented, with long yeast storage, matured in large wooden barrels and slightly sulphurized just before filling.

Three wines distinguish the Gault & Millau 2020 with the highest score of 100 points:

2018 Nackenheimer Rothenberg Riesling Wurzelecht Großes Gewächs, Weingut Kühling-Gillot, Rheinhessen

2017 Achkarrer Schlossberg Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs, Weingut Franz Keller, Baden

2018 Kiedricher Gräfenberg Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese Versteigerungswein, Weingut Robert Weil, Rheingau

More: gaultmillau-weinguide-2020

Vinum Guide: Matthias and Hansjörg Aldinger are Winemakers often the year

In the recently published Vinum Weinguide Germany 2020, Matthias and Hansjörg Aldinger (Wuerttemberg) are honored as "Winemakers of the Year". The "Rising Star of the Year" award goes to Carl Ehrhard (Rheingau) and the "Discovery of the Year" goes to the jury Carsten Saalwächter (Rheinhessen).

12,000 wines were tasted and rated for the wine guide. A total of 103 wineries will be awarded four to five stars in the Guide 2020, including the winery Aldinger from Württemberg, whose owner Hansjörg and Matthias Aldinger are the "winemakers of the year 2020" for Vinum. Carl Ehrhard, "newcomer of the year", had a lightning career with his winery in Ruedesheim (Rheingau). The family winery Paul Christian Saalwächter in Ingelheim (Rheinhessen), "Discovery of the Year", was immediately awarded as a newcomer with two stars in the new guide.

The best wines of the 2020 edition

The twelve leaders are led by Winzersekt of the year. Volker Raumland from Rheinhessen is (almost) unbeatable in this category. In the 2020 edition, he presents four of the ten best sects, including this year's winner, the 2010 X. Triumvirat Grande Cuvée sparkling wine Brut. In the category Pinot Noir 2017, the winner comes from a small winery in the South Palatinate: it is the 2017 Pinot Noir l'Artiste by Hans-Erich Dausch.

The winery Ökonomierat Rebholz (Pfalz) at the white Burgundy varieties with its 2018 Birkweiler Mandelberg Great Growth was hard to beat. Hanspeter Ziereisen (Baden) was also awarded with his 2016 Syrah "Jasper". Silvaner of the year is according to the judgment of the experts of the 2018 Sulzfelder Creutz of the winery Zehnthof Luckert (Franconia).

In the dry Riesling category, Theresa Breuer (Rheingau) created "an extraordinary Riesling" with her 2018 Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland, according to the jury. The best "Gutsriesling", a 2018er slate terraces, comes winery Heymann-Löwenstein (Mosel). In the category Riesling feinherb is the farm estate Falkenstein (Saar) with 2018er Niedermenninger Herrenberg Spätlese front.

In the Riesling Kabinett category, the best wines come from wineries on the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer, as well as the winner's wine 2018er Kanzemer Altenberg, auction wine of the Saarweingutes of Othegraven. Number one in the category Riesling Spätlese was in 2018 Enkircher Ellergrub from the winery Weiser-Künstler (Moselle).

Egon Müller (Saar) with Scharzhofberger gold capsule auction wine. The Selbach-Oster winery (Moselle) has won the first place in the royal class of noble sweet Riesling with its Trockenbeerenauslese from the Zeltinger sundial and received the highest possible rating of 100 points. More:

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103 Weingüter werden im neuen Vinum Weinguide 2020 mit vier bis fünf Sternen bewertet, darunter das Weingut Aldinger aus Württemberg, dessen Inhaber Hansjörg und Matthias Aldinger in Mainz als „Winzer des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet wurden.

103 Weingüter werden im neuen Vinum Weinguide 2020 mit vier bis fünf Sternen bewertet, darunter das Weingut Aldinger aus Württemberg, dessen Inhaber Hansjörg und Matthias Aldinger in Mainz als „Winzer des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet wurden.