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"A temple of German wines in New York"


Famed chef Günter Seeger recently opened up his new New York eatery. In his restaurant located in Manhatten's West Village, he celebrates his passion for German wines and commits himself to be a game-changer for German wine in "Big Apple", as he stated in a recent interview by MW Anne Krebiehl from Wine Ethusiast Magazine.

"I will put the focus on German wines because I want to make a real statement", Seeger says in this interview. "New York has become a wine-crazy town. You can find fantastic wine from any region here. But I am committed to my plan", he continues to explain.

From Seeger's point of view, "big wine lists no longer make sense today". He sees them as impractical, enormous, difficult and time-consuming. I’m turning this whole thing around. I will have one page of wine, which is the carte du jour. read the whole interview