Antwerp Wine Experience Day: meeting of experts in great demand


After months of uncertainty, the first German Wine Experience Day took place in Antwerp yesterday. Despite strict Corona measures, it was a resounding success.

A wide variety of speakers inspired the attentive participants - around 60 experts from gastronomy, retail and the press, throughout the day.

Professional speakers from both science and trade

After a brief introduction about German wine, Lars Daniëls (PersWijn, Riesling Fellow) gave a lecture on Riesling and terroir, followed by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer (Head of the Institute for Viticulture and Oenology in Neustadt) who spoke about the vinification and diversity of Pinot Noir. To finish, Stefaan Soenen (PersWijn, Winetales) spoke about noble sweet Riesling wines with Prädikat.

The German Wine Experience Day will take place every two years, so hopefully the next one in 2022 will be free of Corona restrictions. There will also be another event to showcase Riesling, Pinot & Co. next year.

Reactions of the participants:

"An impressive achievement by the German Wine Institute to carry out an event of this scale in a completely Corona-compliant manner", Stijn Verleyen, lecturer

"Professional organization by the German Wine Institute / Wines of Germany Netherlands/ Belgium! Super interesting!", Paul-Henri Cuvelier, restauranteur

"Thank you for this great and well-organized event, which was definitely Corona-compliant. Very well done!", Riad Hoxhaxhiku, trade

"Perfectly organized and interesting wines!", Jazzper van Papeghem, trade

"It was really great! Interesting wines and speakers, well organized overall.", Marc Roovers, press

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