Best organic wines in Germany chosen


Organic wines from all over Germany were judged by an expert jury from the ECOVIN association at the end of August. The golden EcoWinner medal offers wine lovers some orientation when shopping for organic wines.

A total of 550 organic wines from 91 wineries were blind tasted by the jury and rated according to the internationally recognized 100-point scheme. The tasters included sommeliers, specialist retailers, journalists and wine experts from research and consulting.

Winning wines must achieve at least 85 points and only the top 20% of each category are awarded with a medal. Peer F. Holm, the EcoWinner tasting manager, was extremely satisfied with the high quality of wines on offer.

Trend towards nature

The wines submitted were assigned to 14 different categories. After the introduction of “Experimental Still Wines” in 2019, the “PetNat” category was added this year. "PetNat" stands for Pétillant Naturel (French for "naturally sparkling") and means that the fermenting must is filled into bottles in order to continue fermenting there and thus maintain its "fizz". Taster Dagmar Ehrlich reports: “I had a lot of fun tasting PetNat because it is a new, separate world and has so much potential in its intensity. PetNat is discussed again and again in the wine world, so it's great that ECOVIN is taking up the topic."


Some of the winning wines are listed below. For a full list of all 14 categories, download pdf of results here:

CATEGORY 1 | Sparkling wine, also PIWI sparkling wine

2018 Crémant Qualitätssekt b.A. | brut Weingut Castel Peter | Bad Dürkheim | Pfalz
2018 Riesling Qualitätssekt b.A. | brut Bioweingut Mißbach | Ebringen | Baden
2018 Hochheimer Stein Riesling Qualitätssekt b.A. | brut  Weingut Schreiber | Hochheim am Main | Rheingau
2018 Gelber Muskateller Sekt | trocken Weingut Hirschhof | Westhofen | Rheinhessen

CATEGORY 2 | Semi-sparkling wine, also PIWI Semi-sparkling wine

2019 Secco Silvaner Qualitätsperlwein | trocken Weingut Zehe-Clauss | Mainz | Rheinhessen
2019 Secco *Bacchanto* Qualitätsperlwein | trocken Weingut Huf | Ingelheim | Rheinhessen

CATEGORY 3 | Blanc de Noir / Rosé / Weißherbst, also PIWI wine

2019 Muskat-Trollinger Rosé Qualitätswein | halbtrocken / feinherb Ökologisches Weingut Schäfer-Heinrich | Heilbronn | Württemberg
2019 CUVÉE ROSÉ Qualitätswein | trocken Weingut Reinhold Großmann | Windesheim | Nahe
2019 Spätburgunder Weißherbst Kabinett | halbtrocken Weingut Mitter-Velten | Hochheim am Main | Rheingau
2019 Blanc de Noirs Qualitätswein | trocken Weingut Zehe-Clauss | Mainz | Rheinhessen
2019 Blanc de Noir -Gutswein- Qualitätswein | trocken Weingut Knobloch GbR | Ober-Flörsheim | Rheinhessen
2019 Pinot Noir & Merlot Rosé Qualitätswein | trocken Weingut Krebs-Grode | Eimsheim | Rheinhessen
2019 *Façon* CUVÉE ROSÉ Landwein | trocken Weingut Vinçon-Zerrer | Oberderdingen | Württemberg

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