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Bottled wine analysis: Germany's most popular grape varieties


How does demand for bottled wines develop at cooperatives, wineries and wine estates with a view to individual grape varieties? A business cycle analysis established by Professor Simone Loose at Hochschule Geisenheim University provides answers:

Hidden champion: Scheurebe

Cooperatives see growing demand for white wines, especially Grauburgunder (Pinot gris), Chardonnay and Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), in contrast to wineries which get asked about Pinot gris, Riesling and Scheurebe (!) and wine estates which receive requests for Pinot Blanc, Pinot gris and also Scheurebe (!).

Red wines: Lemberger, Spätburgunder (Pinot noir), Dornfelder, Portugieser

As to red wines, cooperatives note that popularity for Lemberger continues to grow, whereas wine estates see that Spätburgunder (Pinot noir) gets more and more attractive. By contrast, wineries experience increasing interest in Pinot noir and Dornfelder, and even Portugieser is up slightly!

White grape varieties on the rise

On the whole, especially white grape varieties are on the rise which is not surprising. White wines have been gaining market share in Germany for several years. Sales of white wines are expected to overtake sales of red wines in the near future (please refer to downloads and statistics).

Please note that the information given is balanced, that is to say it shows the difference between positive and negative feedback. As to wine estates, for example, reports partially reflect both strong positive and strong negative developments for Silvaner and Riesling which cancel each other out.

Complete 23-page analysis (download)

Quelle: Hochschule Geisenheim University, Prof. Dr. Simone Loose

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