Bread and wine will be a major topic in 2018


Bread and wine complement each other extremely well. However, the perfect combination of German wines and German bread varieties has so far not been investigated in sufficient depth.


To tackle this, an expert panel of representatives – bread and wine sommeliers – from Germany’s Bread Institute (Deutsches Brotinstitut) and the German Wine Institute (Deutsches Weininstitut – DWI) has recently convened for the second time.

In the course of this convention, quite a few existing recommendations were further refined and verified and new recommendations took shape: which wine is the ideal companion for a certain bread variety? And how can events dedicated to the enjoyment of wine and bread be organised in the best way? By the summer of 2018, the expert panel intends to publish its findings in a brochure which is meant to inspire winemakers or wine dealers to organise joint events with bakers.

Source: iStockphoto_kontrast-fotodesign