China: recognition of German wine on the rise


Since the announcement and implementation of German Wine Academy educational system in 2016, Wines of Germany have educated numerous wine consumers and wine trade professionals all over China through systematic courses taught by Certified German Wine Consultants.

Educational success of German Wine Academy (GWA) - China

Therefore, the recognition of German wine in Chinese market has been further improved and the quality image of German wine continuously showed up in public. All throughout the year 2018, German Wine Academy educational system achieved remarkable results in all of its 3 levels, which can be reviewed as follow.

Educating over 1,000 Chinese wine consumers in 2018

GWA level 1 course is a fee-paying course for wine consumers. Taught by Certified Consultants of German Wines within approximately 3 hours, students taste at least 6 German wines and learn knowledge about German wine history, climate, viticulture, grape varieties, wine regions, classification and labeling.

This course has spread widely all over the China. In 2018, there were totally 69 GWA Level 1 courses carried out in 15 different provinces and 20 cities of China. Approximately, 1,000 students were educated by GWA educational system. With great effort of different Certified consultants of German Wines, GWA level 1 course reached to not only in big developed cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, but also in many second-tier and third-tier cities, which significantly shows that German wine has a grown deeper roots into the Chinese market.

Educating the trade in first-tier cities in China

GWA level 2 course is a two-days comprehensive German wine educational program designed for wine professionals. Taught by Certified Consultants of German Wines, students taste at least 36 wines and learn about detailed German wine knowledge and region profiles. In order to receive a level 2 certificate, paper exam and blind tasting are given by the end of the course. 

In November and December of 2018, Wines of Germany organized two GWA level 2 courses in Shenzhen and Shanghai. There were totally 110 wine professionals including importers, sommeliers, media and educators attended these 2 classes, making a big buzz for German wine in the professional industry. With the implementations of GWA level 2 courses each year, more and more trade professionals have gained deeper understandings of German wine and they became the opinion leaders for German wine in China.

13 new certified consultants of German Wine in China

In August 2018, the second GWA level 3 trip ended up successfully in Germany. After a strict exam, 13 new educators became Certified Consultants of German Wine. They were authorized to give GWA level 1 & level 2 courses all over China altogether with the other 15 Certified Consultants of German Wines who passed the exam in 2016.

New program trains emplyees in food & beverage industry

In order to reinforce the impact of German wines to food & beverage industry, Wines of Germany China Office launched a brand new Educational Program for Restaurants & Hotels in November 2018. By giving GWA level 1 courses to the employees from high rated hotels and restaurants, this program now has successfully reached to 3 cities and benefits nearly 300 junior sommeliers and beverage managers.

In the future, Wines of Germany will continue to invest in wine educational field, to train German wine experts and key opinion leaders through GWA Level 2 and Level 3 courses, and to reach to general wine consumers through GWA Level 1 courses. We look forward for more consumers and industry professionals to understand the knowledge and appreciate the unique charm of German wine.

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