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CNN sees bright future for Wines of Germany


The biggest US-newsportal focused on Germany’s Weinstrasse, the world’s oldest wine route, in an october article, highlighting the route’s incredible history and bright future.

CNN editor John Malathronas mentioned various details on the Weinstrasse, including when it was created in 1935, the annual "Wurstmarkt" event held in Bad Durkheim, and the villages through which the wine route passes, such as Wachenheim.

"The 1990s were a turning point for Germany's wine branch", Malathronas states. He continues to explain that German wine growers compete worldwide on quality rather than volume. "This continuous development added value to the branch ever since", confirms Frank Schulz, Director Communications of the German Wine Institute (Wines of Germany).

The best time to visit Germany's 13 wine growing regions is September or October when all the village festivals are going on and new wine ("Federweisser") is on offer at superstore prices.

"Deutsche Weinstrasse" is one of the touristic highlights in the southwest of Germany. Further landmarks of wine culture can be found here.

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