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Danes go for Riesling


Wines of Germany have decided to clarify the Danes’ wine preferences. The study shows large differences in habits between regions and age groups. The first place of popularity of white wines holds Riesling, while concerning red wines the Danish population ranks Pinot Noir among the top 3 most preferred grape varieties.

This is shown by a study made by Analyse Danmark on behalf of Wines of Germany Denmark. Here, more than 1.000 Danish wine drinkers have been asked about their preferences in wines.

Regarding red wines, second place of popularity goes to Merlot, first is Cabernet Sauvignon. On the list of varieties for white wines you will find Riesling followed by Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

The results come as somewhat of a surprise for manager of Vinkompagniet Thomas Ilkjær, who also reviews wine for national Danish newspaper Politiken. “During the past 10 years, riesling has experienced a powerful renaissance. However, this has primarily seemed to be the case among wine experts and in restaurants. Taking first place in a much wider evaluation by the Danish population, it is fair to say, that riesling has now also made a common breakthrough in Denmark,” he states.

The variations in wine preferences among Danes reveal themselves when taking a further look at the results of the study. For instance, the study shows that Danish women prefer Riesling, while Danish men are more likely to choose Cabernet Sauvignon. According to the study, Dansih men generally prefer red wine, while Danish women prefer white wine. 

Furthermore, the results show that the enthusiasm for Riesling is at its highest in Northern Jutland while the Capital Region takes second place. Looking at age, the 25-39 year olds particularly prefer both Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling, while age group 70+ are the ones, who mostly drink wine on a daily basis.

The study also shows, that Danes prefer a good steak to their red wines, while the Christmas dinner and cheese takes the next places. When Danes fill their glasses with white wine, their favourite menus are fish dishes/seafood followed by chicken and summer classics from the grill. Here, there is a high degree of consensus between men and women.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Wines of Germany Denmark by the research institute Analyse Danmark, who asked 1.016 Danes about their preferences when enjoying wine.

For further information please contact Wines of Germany Denmark at: winesofgermany[at]ehrenberg-kommunikation(dot)com or by phone: 00 45 31 34 07 59.

On the list of varieties for white wines in Denmark you will find Riesling followed by Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.