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db: "Brits say 'sehr gut!' to German Pinot"


"Sales of German Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris have sky-rocketed in the UK over the last 12 months", says Neal Baker from "the drinks business", referring to figures from nielsen. The variety has become more widely available in large and independent retailers across Great Britain.

According to year on year figures, sales of German Pinot Noir have grown by 169%.

The author continues to explain that German Pinot Noirs, also known as "Spätburgunder", now have major listings in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Oddbins and Laithwaite’s, helping to contribute to the sales boom.

The drinks business points out that the standout variety is German Pinot Blanc, which has increased in sales by 1,160% in just one year (nielsen figures).

"British consumers are just starting to discover the excellent qualities of these German wines," according to Nicky Forrest, head of trade body 'Wines of Germany'.

Riesling has been the main driver of growth for German Wines in the UK. However, the boom in Pinot sales has come as a welcome surprise to the country’s wine industry, Neal Baker from team db continues to explain.

Nicky Forrest (Wines of Germany): "Riesling will always be a key part of our comms strategy but it’s so exciting to see growth from other grape varieties too. I think that the Pinot varieties have a real opportunity to act as a stepping stone into the category."

"What we are seeing in Germany now is an enormous amount of dynamism and diversification, especially from the young growers who are now producing a whole range of modern, dry wine styles."

On further promoting German Pinot in 2016, Mrs Forrest says: "This year’s campaign will highlight the sheer diversity German wine has to offer and we’re looking forward to an epic programme over the coming months."

note to the editors: Germany is currently the world’s largest producer of Pinot Blanc, the second largest producer of Pinot Gris, and the third largest producer of Pinot Noir.

source: the drinks business (db)

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