Diplomats show great interest in German wines


Once a year, the German Wine Institute (DWI) trains young diplomats from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) in Berlin. Early december 2022 Steffen Schindler (DWI) trained attaché(e)'s wine knowledge and recommended wines for official receptions in the 227 German Embassies around the world.

In order to do justice to the extremely different culinary conditions and occasions in the individual countries around the world, the DWI proposes a very wide range of German wines available for purchase every year. (wine list, pdf-document)

Wines from all 13 German growing regions

The foreign representatives can currently choose from over 40 wines and five sparkling wines of different grape varieties, flavors and quality levels from almost all growing regions (list, pdf document). A jury of experts assembled the collection after a secret tasting of more than 300 wines and sparkling wines submitted after an open call for entries.

DWI Managing Director Monika Reule is pleased that the offers relating to German wine as a cultural asset have been so well received by the diplomatic embassises abroad.

Young diplomats representing Germany's wine culture

The close contact with the Federal Foreign Offices (AA) inspires German embassies to take up the topic of viticulture as part of their own events and social media work, as the German Embassy in Italy, for example, has already done several times. Ambassador Viktor Elbling used DWI information videos (FB sample) to provide information about the German wine-growing regions with Italian subtitles (see tweet).

Last year, the German Wine Queen moderated wine-culinary events together with the German embassies in Montenegro and Kazakhstan.

The German Wine Institute (DWI) is always ready to advise employees in the worldwide foreign offices on specific wine related issues. Amoung other counselling work it organizes wine seminars, for example, as part of the attaché training.

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Attachés i.e. young diplomats from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) are trained by the German Wine Institute (DWI). Wine knowledge helps with event preparation and sometimes it loosens up difficult diplomatic discussions. photo: december 2022, Berlin, DWI

German winemaker's Sekt (sparkling wine) for festive occasions