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German enologist Simon Batarseh has a riesling tip for President-elect Donald Trump: "I recommend the 2013 Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg, because it's a bit more mature and stimulates thought and in-depth discussion", he recently stated in a

In its latest online issue dealing with Germany's wine branch, the international broadcaster "Deutsche Welle" ( asked Batarseh about the strong growth in worldwide demand for German wines.

Simon Batarseh is a management-member of a predicate winery (VDP) in Germany's prestigious Rheingau region. In the he stresses how important it was for his employer to focus early on the export markets. Some 40 percent of the company's wines are now sold abroad, Batarseh says. The US is a key market. "The wines from my employer sell from Florida to Texas," Bartaseh confirms.

Bartaseh is a classic career changer, states. He comes from northern Germany, where the regional drink is beer, but then discovered his passion for wine and studied viticulture and enology at the internationally renowned university in Geisenheim.

The curriculum also includes the economic aspects of viticulture, and Geisenheim is the alma mater of many well-known riesling producers. "Riesling is trendy," Bartaseh reveals, enthusing about the "immense richness" of the wine.

According to The German Wine Institute worldwide demand for German upmarket white wine has seen considerable growth. Connoisseurs from the US are paying ever higher prices for riesling from the Rhine and Mosel areas - thanks to a focus on quality and tradition, the explains.

White riesling wine makes its way to the finest restaurants in the world, e.g. Tantris in Munich, with two Michelin stars, as well as celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck near London, one of only four restaurants in the country with three stars.

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photo source: Ron Washam, HMW