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First "German Wine Academy" in Canada


The first ever 'German Wine Academy' out of Germany took place in Vancouver, Canada. The sales information seminar named 'Taste the New Perfect Pairings' was organised by Wines of Germany (DWI) and the British Columbia Liquorboard.

MW Romana Echensperger, Ulrike Lenhardt and Ted Kalaboukis (both DWI) conducted the 2-day-event regarding perfect pairings of German wines at the ‚Bauhaus‘ restaurant downtown Vancouver.

Participants were enthusiastic about the authentic presentation of Germany's 13 wine regions and the wines that are available in Canada. The event followed a selection of German wines that were beeing promoted by the monopols' shops for four weeks (end of april until end of may 2016). Accordingly, the buyer agent was very pleased with double digit growth rates in sales.

"Staff education, especially in the context of food and wine, is hugely important for our Product Consultants.  It engages them, brings confidence and, ultimately, results in increased sales and equity for the category."
(Barbara Philip MW Category Manager - Wines of Europe, Merchandising Services)

"I found the German wine event to be extremely informative. The passion of the speaker was wonderful and it was easy to get caught up in her enthusiasm for her country and her wines. The slide show as well presented and easy to follow along. The food pairings were great in that it helps me in the future to share with my clients when they are looking for wines to go with certain foods. Very helpful. I was pleased to be able to attend this event and look forward to more in the future."
(Maureen McHugh Product Consultant)

Note to the edtors: Canada ranks fifth amoung all export markets for Wines of Germany, following the USA, The Netherlands, UK and Scandinavia.

Wines of Germany, Canada

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MW Romana Echensperger and Ted Kalaboukis, DWI office Canada

Ulrike Lenhardt and Ted Kalaboukis (both DWI)

MW Romana Echensperger during her presentation

Wines of Germany, Canada