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Fully booked: Generation Riesling thrills wine experts in Berlin


Some 200 experts of the wine trade took on the latest chance to meet Germany's young vintners at a cool and quirky location in Berlin: winemakers from some 26 Generation Riesling (GR) enterprises presented themselves as well as their wine creations at devil's hill (Teufelsberg) airloft.

"Talk & Taste" was moderated by sommelier Jürgen Hammer who introduced six out of 580 GR-members to the 'Tagesspiegel' press and wine professionals.

Additionally to these experts that were invited by The German Wine Institute (Deutschen Weininstitut, DWI), a group of 24 top-sommeliers and members of the trade from nine different markets joined the crowd to meet young talents of the thriving German wine scene.

One focus of their trip lay on the modern innovative gastronomy in Berlin like "Herz & Niere" as well as "Nobelhart & Schmutzig". Another memorable highlight of their expedition was the tasting at Berlin's "Teufelsberg" (devil's hill), a magic place that reflects the latest 70 years of Germany's history where every participant experienced  "Germany's Coolest Wines".

One day after this impressive Generation Riesling-presentation the sommeliers and members of the international trade flew to Frankfurt and headed on to the German wine growing regions Rheinhessen, Nahe und Franken. More Generation Riesling winemakers and representatives were on the list to be explored before everyone travelled back home: happy but exhausted!

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