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Generation Riesling is 10 years young


They are under 35 years of age and ambassadors of Germany´s modern, high-quality and dynamic wine production: The members of Generation Riesling, the young growers´ movement that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year! "Ten years young" is the motto of the big birthday party in Frankfurt on 13 June 2016.

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The initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI) now has more than 530 members, making it the largest organization of young winemakers in the world. "We look back with pride on the success story of Generation Riesling. It has definitely contributed to carrying the young and modern image of German wine visibly into the world," explains DWI Managing Director Monika Reule.(Video)

Authentic and creative

This is also how Billy Wagner, Sommelier of the Berlin cult restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig, sees it: “Generation Riesling has wiped the dust off the bottles, German wine is young!” Wine critic, author and journalist Stuart Pigott is particularly impressed by the attitude of the young producers: “For them it is all about making (mostly dry) wines that are as attractive and distinctive as possible. They don't have any problem with the fact that the wines of some grapes and vineyard sites need only a little fine tuning to reach their optimum whereas others need turning upside down before they realize the Generation Riesling members' goal.” Sommelier Gerhard Retter, owner of the trendy “Cordobar” in Berlin as well as the “Fischerklause” on Lake Luetjen near Hamburg, praises the fact that Generation Riesling succeeds so well in combining the traditional with the modern: “Authentic, creative and yet aware of their origins. Quality and know-how with a dash of informality result in a new German feeling for wine, one with pep and spice!” was his impression.

More quotes from experts about Generation Riesling (pdf)

Birthday programme and VIP

Past and current members, VIPs and wine and food professionals will celebrate the birthday of Generation Riesling in the Frankfurt Palmengarten on 13 June. At 1.30 p.m., Billy Wagner, Gerhard Retter and Hendrik Thoma – all three long-standing guardians of the organization -, will present their views on the movement, exciting developments and the resulting wines. In an official ceremony at 2.45 p.m., a joint toast of all the guests will be made in honour of “Ten Years Young”. From 3 – 6 p.m., thirty Generation Riesling producers, including members from the start, will present their estates and their wines. At 5 p.m., Stuart Pigott will take another look back at the first decade of the movement in a seminar with selected wines. The event will then move over to an After-Work Party with Generation Riesling wines and a tasty supper.

Catalogue with wines and producers (pdf)

Active since 2006 on the national and international stage

In 2006, the German Wine Institute launched Generation Riesling to provide the young wine scene, free of the ties of existing interest groups, with a national and international platform. Since then, members of the DWI initative have successfully hosted presentations at many events at home and abroad, at wine fairs, in Riesling Lounges, at table top presentations – or as happened a few months ago in Berlin -, at the Fashion Week. Whether in the German capital, in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vancouver, Tokyo, Munich or Hamburg, Generation Riesling members always encounter a great deal of interest and a high level of appreciation.

“Our aim with Generation Riesling is to create a movement which attracts as many young people as possible. And we have succeeded in doing that,” explained Monika Reule. Generation Riesling stands for the highly-trained, internationally-oriented and ambitious generation of young players assuming responsibility within the German wine industry, whether as winemaker, managing director or cellar master in a cooperative or commercial winery. The title of the initiative puts the spotlight on Riesling - the leading German grape - to attract the most attention nationally and internationally. However, it has been chosen as an eye-catcher to represent all German varieties.

More: Facts and figures and activities (pdf)

Well-connected and creative

In a forum held annually since 2009, the DWI - together with the young winemakers – develops new ideas and marketing concepts for the future. An example is the internet platform, in which members are online with their profiles, wines and news. The group is also active on social media, with almost 4,000 followers on Facebook.

To mark its anniversary, a new and modern logo has been designed as “it was time to give the movement a visible representation which reflects the dynamism, cosmopolitanism and innovation it stands for,“ explained Reule.

All members act collectively as ambassadors for the German wine industry without compromising their individuality. The constructive exchange within the group provides inspiration and motivation. As a result, the open and constantly growing movement has become increasingly more dynamic and has inspired the whole wine trade.

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Generation Riesling at the international ProWein wine fair 2016

Generation Riesling 10 Years Young, 13.06.2014, Palmengarten Frankfurt

Generation Riesling: Activities (a selection) from 2006 to 2016 (1)

Generation Riesling 10 Years Young, 13.06.2014, Palmengarten Frankfurt

Generation Riesling: Activities (a selection) from 2006 to 2016 (2)

Generation Riesling 10 Years Young, 13.06.2014, Palmengarten Frankfurt

Generation Riesling 10 Years Young, 13.06.2014, Palmengarten Frankfurt

Generation Riesling 10 Years Young, 13.06.2014, Palmengarten Frankfurt