German wine ambassadors want to be a part of it: New York, New York!


Caro's and Klara's double play in New York: at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 they successfully presented wines 'Made in Germany'.

wine enthusiasts from all over the world

"The fair offers an opportunity to focus on the quality and diversity of German products as a whole, and of course we concentrated on the wines 'made in Germany'," explains Carolin. In addition to the advice on the stand, Klara and Caro conveyed the variety and quality of German wines, especially in Wine Tastings. Her audience were wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

"Fancy city, fancy food show, fancy wine show"

"We are pleased that the German wine was given such a great platform, it was incredibly exciting to have been in New York, otherwise we valued every single minute to explore the city beyond the fair times." The Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge and a classic American sporting event, we did not want to miss," Klara comments.

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notes to the editor: A total of 2,600 exhibitors from 50 different countries with more than 200,000 products attended the largest North American food and beverage fair. Germany was even partner country of the American fair this year and with 23 companies and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture on site.

Wines of Germany USA

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Caro und Klara in New York bei der Summer Fancy Food Show.

Here we are: Die Deutschen Weinmajestäten beuschten New York City.

Klara und Caro überzeugen als Fachfrauen am Stand.

Das Lichtermeer von New York.

Liebe Grüße von Caro und Klara.

Mit dabei im Baseball-Stadion. Deutsche Weinmajestäten treffen New York Yankees.