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German Wine Queen Website Revamped with Stronger Visual Approach


Ahead of the vote on 25 September for the 67th German Wine Queen, the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI) has given its website a full redesign. The new site bundles all relevant information about the position, its duties, the wine 'kingdoms' and the vote itself into a bright and highly visual package.

In keeping with the approach of the recently redesigned main DWI site, the pages for the German Wine Queen now deliver information in a more emotional and modern style, backed by numerous pictures and videos. A "Making of" film gives a peek behind the scenes, detailing the production process for the new crowns and offering plenty of candid moments from the photo shoot held at the seminars readying the next crop of candidates for the 2015 vote.

There's also information about the reigning Queens, the vote itself and a picture gallery of the 65 former Wine Queens, all easily accessible through a horizontal flyout menu. A direct link to Facebook and Twitter will also offer fans the opportunity to follow the social Media channels of the Wine Queen and her princesses.