Germans Reaching for More White than Red


For the first time since 1999, German consumers purchased more white wine than red this past year.

As revealed by the German Wine Institute (DWI) at the start of the international ProWein trade fair, 46 percent of all wines purchased in Germany during 2018 were white, followed by 44 percent reds and 10 percent rosé. This represents a one percent market share rise for both white and rosé wines, at the expense of the reds. These trends were identified in the latest edition of the GfK wine market analysis, commissioned on an annual basis by the DWI.

After 1999, when it was last in second place, the market share for red wine rose strongly until peaking at 53 percent in 2007. Beginning in 2009, however, white wine started regaining ground. The trend was amplified this past year by the very hot summer, the DWI speculates. The growth in rosé wine can be attributed to the same cause, as wine drinkers often give it preference over reds when temperatures are high. The market share for rosé has hovered between nine and ten percent for roughly a decade now.

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