Germany's vine blooming in line with 30-year-average


This year's vine blooming is coming to an end these days in the 13 German wine regions. In contrast to last year's unusal early flowering and harvest, this year's timing is in line with the 30-year-average.

Approximately 100 days after the vine's blooming, the grapes are ready for harvest. Accordingly, this year the harvest is expected to start from mid-September, much later than in the very precocious vintage of 2018. Riesling grapes are only expected to be available at the end of September Reach for reading.

Overall, the vine bloom has gone well this year. Thanks to good fruiting approaches, the prospects for the 2019 vintage are promising. However, a lot can happen in the next three months. It is to be hoped that wine producers will be spared from weather extremes that have significantly increased with climate change in recent years.

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Die Rebblüte neigt sich in diesen Tagen in den deutschen Weinbaugebieten dem Ende zu.