Germany's Wine Ambassadors' Workshop


Six weeks before this year's 71st election of the German Wine Queen, the German Wine Institute (DWI) has invited the applicants from twelve German growing regions to a preparatory seminar in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

A central component of the three-day workshop is a media and communication training session, in which the young professionals receive tips for their stage performances.

The show can be followed live by the SWR television viewers in the Neustadter Saalbau and on the screens at home - possibly via live stream as well. Also a style consultation and a photo shoot are on the program. A crash course "English for Wineqeens" prepares the candidates for the English interview questions, which are an important part of the subject-related preliminary decision each year.

The SWR television also uses the opportunity of the workshop to inform about the broadcasting concept of the election events. In addition, the incumbent German Wine Queen Carolin Klöckner helpful suggestions for the upcoming election. SWR presenter Holger Wienpahl, who will lead this year's tv show again, is also looking forward to getting to know the candidates personally. The preliminary decision (semi-finals) take place on september 21st followed by the "finals" on september 27th.

The 12 applicants for this year's election to the German Wine Queen at a glance:

  • Annika Schooß, Ahr
  • Miriam Kaltenbach, Baden
  • Carolin Meyer, Franken
  • Carolin Hillenbrand, Hessische Bergstraße
  • Laura Gerhardt, Mosel
  • Angelina Vogt, Nahe
  • Meike Klohr, Pfalz
  • Katharina Bausch, Rheingau
  • Anna Göhring, Rheinhessen
  • Gina Maria Gräfe, Saale-Unstrut
  • Lisa Leinemann, Sachsen
  • Julia Sophie Böcklen, Württemberg

The candidate from the Middle Rhine does not participate in the election this year for personal reasons.

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To get prepared for the election of the German Wine Queen in 2019, the candidates from 12 wine growing areas in Germany meet for a three-day seminar of the German Wine Institute.

From left to right: Miriam Kaltenbach (Baden), Carolin Meyer (Franken), Angelina Vogt (Nahe), Gina Maria Gräfe (Saale-Unstrut), Katharina Bausch (Rheingau), Julia Sophie Böcklen (Württemberg), Steffen Schindler (DWI-Marketingleiter), Lisa Leinemann (Sachsen), Meike Klohr (Pfalz), Carolin Hillenbrand (Hessische Bergstraße), Annika Schooß (Ahr), Anna Göhring (Rheinhessen), Laura Gerhardt (Mosel), Carolin Klöckner (Deutsche Weinkönigin).

Kandidatinnen vlnr: Angelina Vogt (Nahe), Julia Sophie Böcklen(Württemberg), Anna Göhring (Rheinhessen), Katharina Bausch (Rheingau), Meike Klohr (Pfalz), Annika Schooß (Ahr), Gina Maria Gräfe (Saale-Unstrut), Carolin Meyer (Franken), Carolin Hillenbrand (Hessische Bergstraße), Lisa Leinemann (Sachsen), Miriam Kaltenbach (Baden), Laura Gerhardt (Mosel);Vorn im Bild: Carolin Klöckner (Deutsche Weinkönigin).