Glamping - a night in a luxurious wine barrel


Camping and motorhome trips are top of the list for holiday ideas in Germany, especially in 2020. Why not enjoy the sunset from a campsite surrounded in vines?

Romantic wine villages and idyllic vineyards

Numerous places to pitch a tent or park the caravan are being offered in romantic wine villages, directly at the wine estate or in the middle of idyllic vineyards. Some of them can be found on the DWI Vintner search page using the accommodation filter (see also pdf-download).

Enjoy flexibility and freedom

The big advantage when camping is definitely the flexibility! With the mobile home you can go on tour easily, without any restrictions and explore entire wine regions. As well as the freedom, you can also enjoy the great hospitality of the winegrowers. If you like a little luxury, try glamping: a combination of glamour and camping. A night in a luxurious wine barrel may convert a camping grouch.

The big question: Where to for the road trip? - The German Wine Princess Julia Böcklen has put the camping highlights of the 13 wine regions in a nutshell for you:

Camping Highlights of the13 Wine Regions

Ahr, Baden and Franken

A camping holiday on the Ahr promises views of the incomparable landscape of the Ahr Valley with its dramatic steep slate slopes and, above all, the joys of relishing the local Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and Frühburgunder, both rich in finesse and elegance.

In Baden you can get to know the entire climatic diversity of Germany's sunniest and warmest wine growing region as you cruise along the 500 km Baden Wine Route. Water lovers taking morning swims with Lake Constance on their doorstep will be just as happy as hiking enthusiasts heading into the depths of the Black Forest or the expanses of the Kaiserstuhl.

There is no shortage of magnificent churches, palaces and top wine estates in Franken. It is hardly surprising that the home of Silvaner is one of the most popular destinations for campers.

Hessische Bergstrasse, Mittelrhein and the Mosel

Hessische Bergstrasse is nestled between the Neckar, Rhine and Main rivers, protected by the Odenwald. "This is where Germany starts to become Italy," enthused Emperor Joseph II.

The narrow valley of the Middle Rhine, with its terraced vineyards, castles perched high on rocks, and quaint little wine towns lined up closely along the river, offers a picturesque backdrop for your camping pleasure between Bingen and Koblenz.

Take a seat in the monorack railway and hold your breath as you descend the steepest vineyard in Europe - the Bremmer Calmont. This is truly an unforgettable view, like many on the Mosel.

Nahe, Pfalz and Rheingau

The Nahe owes its great diversity of soil types to an eventful era in earth’s history. This allows for a wide range of wine styles and grape varieties – an endless paradise for terroir nerds!

The Pfalz is a first-rate wine growing region. Let yourself be infected by the joie de vivre along the fabulous German Wine Route.

Riesling fans cannot forgo the Rheingau: in addition to cultural and historical highlights such as Schloss Vollrads or the Rheingau Cathedral in Geisenheim, the region offers a magnificent natural landscape and picturesque towns along the Rhine.

Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut, Sachsen and Württemberg

The ‘land of a thousand hills’ can be traversed on nine different graded hiking trails. In Rheinhessen, the journey is the goal - not least because of the many opportunities to stay amongst the beautiful surroundings.

Three states, two rivers and always good for a surprise, that's Saale-Unstrut. The winegrowers in the northernmost wine growing region are particularly proud of their fresh, fruity Pinot Blanc, but also offer other regional surprises.

A camping holiday at Meissen enables you to discover the origins of Sachsen’s history first hand. The winding streets, the lovingly restored houses of the old town, the surrounding picturesque vineyards, all offer a wonderful ambience for hiking and exploring.

Württemberg inspires with a wide range of different grape varieties to complement the regional cuisine. In the ‘Ländle’ (as the region is known in the local Swabian dialect), you can not only enjoy delicious food and wine, but also unique views along the Württemberg Wine Bike Path, such as the Best Vineyard View from the Hessigheimer Felsengärten.

Good to know:

If you visit the winegrower directly, you will gain valuable information about the wine growing regions and grape varieties, as well as insider tips on special places to see in the area. It also provides a chance to see the skills of the winemakers at work, in the vineyard and cellar.

Amongst beautiful landscapes, you can relax with friends or family, hike, bike, draw new strength for everyday life and take home many new wine experiences.

No matter where the road trip goes, you will find the most beautiful views that the wine country Germany has to offer in the Best Vineyard Views section.
More about the 13 wine regions and wine tourism in Germany can be found on these links.


Find camping places in 13 wine regions

Find camping places in 13 wine regions

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