Gourmet-Portal nominates Germany's Top-Reds


The first "Lagen-Cup RED" of the gourmet portal "Gourmetwelten" presents its results: Six Pinot Noir wines from the Palatinate are among the top 10 of the competition with six representatives.

Overall winner is the Weingut Rings with Steffen and Andreas Rings. Their Pinot Noir "Kallstadter Steinacker" from 2015, won the Cup victory RED 2019. The jury rated the wine with 95,4 out of 100 points to be reached.

Lagen-Cup RED Top10, selected by "Gourmetwelten"-Jury

  • Rings winery, Erste Lage, Kallstadter Steinacker, Spätburgunder, 2015, Pfalz - 95,4
  • Braunewell winery, Teufelspfad, Spätburgunder, 2015, Rheinhessen - 94,9
  • Georg Gustav Huff winery, Niersteiner Rosenberg, Spätburgunder, 2015, Rheinhessen - 94,9
  • G.A Heinrich winery, Heilbronner Löwenherz, Lemberger, 2015, Württemberg - 94,5
  • Zelt winery, Großkarlbacher Burgweg, Spätburgunder, 2015, Pfalz - 94,3
  • Stern winery, Hochstadt Im Helfdirgott, Spätburgunder, 2015, Pfalz - 94,1
  •  Zelt winery, Laumersheimer Kirschgarten, Spätburgunder, 2015, Pfalz - 93,7
  • Salwey winery, Henkenberg, Spätburgunder, 2015, Baden - 93,1
  • Neiss winery, Kindenheimer Vogelsang, Spätburgunder Glockenspiel Rèserve, 2014, Pfalz - 92,9
  • Knipser winery, Laumersheim Kirschgarten GG, Spätburgunder, 2014, Pfalz - 92,7

For the first "Lagen Cup RED" some 150 TOP red wines from Germany were rated after the 100-point system in a blind tasting.

The jury of the "Lagen Cup ROT" consists of Romana Echensperger (Master of Wine), Peer F. Holm (President of the Sommelier Union), Gerhard Retter (Fischerklause Lütjensee and Berliner Cordo), Serhat Aktas (Cup Organizer) and Nikolas Rechenberg ( Publisher GOURMETWELTEN - It was tasted at the Regent Hotel Berlin. More: Gourmetwelten - The Gourmet Portal

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vlnr Sommelier Serhat Aktas (Cup-Organisator), Gerhard Retter (Fischerklause Lütjensee und Berliner Cordo), Peer F. Holm (Präsident der Sommelier-Union), Romana Echensperger (Master of Wine), Nikolas Rechenberg (Herausgeber GOURMETWELTEN - Fotoquelle: Gourmetwelten /Nikolas Rechenberg