Growth market USA: Experts with know-how in demand


On January 16th, The German Wine Institute (DWI) hosted a U.S. Forum in Wiesbaden. This allowed industry members in Germany to explore the United States wine trade and how to enter the world’s largest wine market amidst the country’s varied rules and regulations, distribution channels, and consumer profiles.

Expert speakers at the U.S. Forum discussed best practices and effective strategies for packaging, labeling, pricing, importing and distributing, and more.

After an introduction by Monika Reule, CEO of DWI, the program included explanations of export regulations, the three-tiered system of distribution, and compliance rules. A presentation on Wines of Germany USA’s 2019 Program dove into key highlights from the past year, upcoming activities to look forward to, and opportunities to get involved in consumer and trade sampling and social media promotions. The final presentations concluded in a discussion featuring distinct, yet equally important, points of view on how to succeed in the U.S. market, including an Importer/Distributor based in New York City, a Retail Buyer based in Los Angeles, and a Sommelier/Wine Director based in Los Angeles, all with years of experience. Following the presentations, a tasting of top wines in the U.S. market by price segment demonstrated successful wine styles and branding. Both attendees and speakers shared positive feedback from the Forum. Wines of Germany is looking forward to seeing more German wine brands and producers on U.S. retail shelves and restaurant wine lists in the years to come!