Holidays in the vineyards - winegrowers offer camper pitches


Despite lifting travel warnings within Europe, there is a great interest in domestic holiday destinations. For this reason, the German Wine Institute (DWI) has researched caravan sites in all 13 German wine regions.

What could be nicer than cruising through picturesque vine landscapes in a motorhome - combining the pleasant with the useful: the wonderful landscapes on the one hand and - after the trip, of course - wine tasting and -shopping at the winemaker's home on the other hand.

In a first survey among Germany's wine producers, the institute (Wines of Germany HQ) was able to identify 38 estates (pdf-download) that offer travelers a place to stay on their premises. "We think there are many more winemakers that offer this service but not everyone of them participated in our poll, explaines Frank Schulz from  Wines of Germany HQ.

From a number of three parking spaces and above, the companies require a "building permit" in Germany in order to lease motorhome-sites. Motorhome-mobilists normally expect at least a power- and water-connection that all providers offer.

Destinations for motorhome travelers can be found not only along the many wine routes in Germany, but also the "Awarded Vineyard Sights" as well as vinotheks/bars and "Landmarks of Wine Culture", to name just a few popular starting points for your travels.

Winemakers submit their motorhome parking spaces in the DWI's database under "Accommodation types". Those wishing to travel can find these and other services of Germany's winegrowers in the corresponding wine producer database.

Germany's winemaker-database

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