Interactive map of Germany’s wine growing regions launched


Wines of Germany jointly with the respective regional authorities developed a digital map of Germany's wine growing regions. The map features the individual vineyard sites "Einzellagen" of ten German wine growing regions, which can be viewed down to the level of each parcel.

In addition, a convenient search tool allows the user to identify the names of specific wine growing sites, its municipalities and the so-called "Großlagen" which geographically designate the next larger areas of wine growing in German administration compared to  "Einzellagen".

In Germany, the individual federal states register information on vineyards in different ways. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, for instance, additional information is provided on soil formation, altitude, average temperature and mean annual rainfall.

The DWI now compiled all data in a standardised format which allows the user to efficiently search the database. The data shall be updated annually. Information on the wine-growing regions of Franconia, Saxony and Saale-Unstrut will be included in the medium term.

The map also serves as basis for an interactive tourist map which enables users to easily find the landmarks of German wine culture, the most beautiful views of viniculture landscapes in Germany and numerous wineries.

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