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International Talent fancy Wine Country Germany


How do foreigners, who live in Germany and work in the wine business, view us? The students of Geisenheim University (HGU) seeked to answer this question in the context of a media project in cooperation with the German Wine Institute (DWI).

 The emerging IWB experts (International Wine Business) were introduced to HGU alumni, created an interview questionnaire customized for their leading characters and produced a storyboard for shooting.

Three alumni from Brazil, Japan and Bulgaria (see photo) were then asked for their views on Wine Country Germany in the newly renovated vaulted cellar at Geisenheim University. Why is Germany an attractive location to live and work? The results have been released in the video documentary entitled "WoW! World of Wine" - Alumni Portraits from around the World.

Living and working gladly in Wine Country Germany
"Wine is international per se, but how are Germans seen through international eyes"? This was one of many exciting questions, says Frank Schulz, Head of Communication at the DWI and lecturer at HGU. “The Alumni presented themselves authentically and allowed us a peek into their personal motivation. In addition to the important message that Germany, as a winegrowing country, is recognized internationally by young people, we were able to show in the film how foreign graduates are creating a foothold for themselves here and much more - living and working gladly in Wine Country Germany ".

Networking: a win-win for both sides
"Many of our international students would like to live and work in Germany for at least a few years after graduation," says HGU Project Coordinator Angela Diermeyer (Study & Work). "It is not only an opportunity for a personal career, but also an opportunity for Germany to secure specialists and to increase export strength. A win-win for both sides. We benefit from the connections and knowledge our alumni bring from their respective countries and they benefit from having a German university degree and adding German to their language abilities, "says Diermeyer. Through the Study & Work project, networks are being created among the participating universities and universities facilitating international students' access to the German labor market. The Study & Work project is funded by the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft.

Film Production: Film Agency Rheingau, led by Florian Gramelsberger and Woody T. Herner. "Pleasant and professional," remained the production team even after a hard day of shooting with 32°C in the shade in Geisenheim. Woody, producer, and who successfully utilized his drone for the shooting, says: "Shooting locations like Rothenberg are like home for me and simultaneously an international attraction for our central characters - a dream."

YouTube-channel The German Wine Institute i.e. Wines of Germany worldwide

Stanislav Staykov, Manuela Webber-Witt und Kazayuki Kaise (L-R). Absolventen der Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU).

Kazayuki Kaise, Manuela Webber-Witt und Stanislav Staykov (L-R). Absolventen der Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU).

Interview-Fragen und Storybook des Films wurden von International Wine Business (IWB) Studenten der Hochschule Geisenheim University (HGU) im Sommersemester 2017 erarbeitet: Anastasiia Voronaia, Andrea Bernhard, Anetta Kuett, Barbara Koehler, Daniel Chuchulev, Dudley Fairbrass, Ekaterina Lopez, Felix Bernhard Neuhaus, Fengming Yang, Nikolai Paravatov, Li Zhichao, Lopez Grinenko, Lucia Storr, Dang ThiThai, Renato ElenesPraget, Stanislav.Baciu, Susan Bail.