Jessyca Lewis twitters with Germany’s winemakers


In a new interview-series the German Wine Institute (Wines of Germany HQ) portraits multipliers in the global wine branch. We start with Jessyca Lewis, a successful marketing and advertising professional and winelover. She discovered her passion for teaching and social media. Now she’s inspiring Germany’s winemakers and encourages them to get involved in digital communications.

November 25th 2019 Jessysca Lewis is going to get involved with German winemakers via twitter. She established the so called "Wine Marketing Monday" #winemktmonday which is an interactive social media format.

We asked Jessyca Lewis:

How come that you got hooked to German wines?

I was teaching wine marketing and social media marketing in Italy. I discovered an article by Frank R. Schulz called “Word of Mouth Impulses Boost Wines of Germany: A Case Study with social media and Generation Riesling.

Why do you think social media (twitter) improves market success?

I believe social media marketing is critical in business for a variety of reasons: No one can know you or your business or product if you are not able to market your business using social media marketing. I taught all of the social media marketing classes at the University of Oregon and I started the 1st Collegiate Social Media Club. I inadvertently created a brand for myself. 

From your experience, can tweets really influence wine sales (and how)?

I believe you can create a brand using digital media. Increasing your brand image and sales can increase with social media contest, innovation, using social media used with traditional marketing, and displays. You can also establish yourself as a brand or leader. 

What was your biggest wine related social media project so far? 

I started a wine marketing and social media marketing program at the University of Oregon. I used social media to market the program resulting in $1.5 Million dollars in sales. 144 students paid over $12,000 to take these classes in Italy. I also started #winemktmonday which has changed to #timetowine. This has introduced me to many people in the wine industry, it has created a brand for myself, as well as, put me in the position to do wine marketing consulting, social media consulting or find a fantastic job in the wine industry. 

Can you explain why the wine and digital communications worlds match so well?

There appears to be a hole in the entire wine industry for digital marketing and digital innovation. This is a great time for the wine industry to embrace social media to increase brand awareness and sales. 

Germany’s winemakers are:

Very innovative such as your German Wine Producers to tap into the UK Music Festivals and your uber cool “Berlin Bar” but have more potential when it comes to innovative marketing practices and repositioning wine with Generations X and Y. 

This series will be continued

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Jessyca Lewis (MBA) is a University Professor, Wine Educator and Social Media Speaker. she hosts #timetowine and #winemktmonday, an interactive social media format.