Jörn Kleinhans, US strategy professor and entrepreneur for German wines


The German Wine Institute (DWI) interviews bloggers, influencers and multipliers on the subject of "Germany as a wine country". Prof. Dr. Jörn Kleinhans from Los Angeles, Managing Director of the Sommelier Company, answered our questions about German wines.

We ask Jörn Kleinhans:

Which bottle of (German) wine will you open next?

Of course a "Grosses Gewächs" - Riesling

German wine producers are / will be / were ...

... always world class! And within the last few years the whole world has recognized this, especially because of the excellent dry white wines. Many other wine regions in the world are trying to copy this striking ‘mineral’ quality - but it is not possible.

What you always wanted to say about German wines:

The opportunities for German wine for the next five years are in overseas exports. America is very interested.

German wines in gastronomy are...

Irreplaceable and an incredibly good accompaniment to Asian cuisine. German wine should no longer be seen as a regional specialty, but as a great global citizen who has to be on the menu in all major cities.

Your next topic is ...

"The five most important white wine categories in the world"; only France and Germany belong in this article ...

Your last reader comment?

Germany also has very strong red wines to offer.

Your last post about Germany as a wine country?

America is in the process of rediscovering Germany: great history, classic architecture, fairytale landscapes, unique wine. All of this belongs together in Germany - and must be seen as a unit. My business 'Sommelier Company' promotes the sales of German wines in the USA. Quality from Germany is valued in the USA. You just have to open people’s eyes.

Thank you very much for this interview, Mr. Kleinhans.