MUNDIS VINI NORDIC Competition: Winners have been announced!


Scandinavia has grown into a key export destination for German wines, inspiring the Meininger Verlag to collaborate with the German Wine Institute (DWI) on a new wine competition called MUNDUS VINI NORDIC.

What sets this competition apart: the jurors have been selected almost exclusively from Scandinavia itself, ensuring that the winning wines perfectly fit the sensibilities and expectations of the “Nordic palate.”
A panel of 50 jurors came together in Copenhagen in mid-June, comprised of wine journalists, sommeliers, wine dealers, importers and employees of the Scandinavia alcohol monopolies. Over the course of two days they tasted 660 wines from 200 German companies, seeking the best of the best in 11 different categories. Their hard work, diligent analysis and careful choices ultimately made this inaugural MUNDUS VINI NORDIC a rousing success.

DWI Managing Director Monika Reule was clearly pleased with the strong participation by German winemakers on the one side and the Scandinavian jurors on the other: “We received tremendous positive reaction from this competition, reflecting the level of importance that German wines now enjoy among wine exporters and market players in the Scandinavian countries.”

Christoph Meininger, Managing Director MUNDUS VINI, also expressed satisfaction: “MUNDUS VINI NORDIC was a major success for German winemakers in Scandinavia. The 53 wine experts in the jury were deeply impressed by the quality of the competition. The feedback from the jurors showed us that there is still tremendous untapped potential for German wine in the Scandinavian countries. We firmly believe that MUNDUS VINI NORDIC can serve as an important driver for heightening the impact of German wine in Scandinavia.”

Overview of the Competition

The most important wine experts from Scandinavian countries sat for a blind tasting of 660 German wines in the spectacular Skuespilhus theater in Copenhagen. MUNDUS VINI’s highly regarded assessment system was used.  The panel of 53 jurors included Frederik Kreutzer (Denmark), Petteri Harjula (Finland), Steffen Riis Christiansen (Norway) and Anders Levander (Sweden).

100 wines were ultimately awarded gold medals by the jury, with an additional 164 silvers conveyed as well. An overall winner was also announced for each category. The presented wines came from all German winegrowing regions, with the greatest number submitted from the Pfalz, Rheinhessen and Baden. At almost 300 wines, Rieslings (in all taste profiles) were most prevalent, followed by Spätburgunder and Weißburgunder. Over half the competition wines were from the 2018 vintage.

The prize ceremony for MUNDUS VINI NORDIC will be held on 10 September at the German Embassy in Copenhagen. After a few words of greeting by the German ambassador, the moderating team of Christian Wolf, Director of Degustation for Meininger Verlag, and German Wine Queen Carolin Klöckner will take over the microphone. Thereafter the eleven different champions in the respective categories will present their wines to the selected audience of experts in a seated presentation. The winners will also be integrated into the DWI's marketing activities in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavia Wine Market

Scandinavia is the second most import export market for German wine, trailing only the USA. The export numbers are rising as well, with 2018 seeing a year-on-year bump in the value of wine exports to all four countries: 5.8 percent to Norway, 4.7 percent to Sweden, 6.3 percent to Finland and an attention-grabbing 17.9 percent to Denmark.


The Winners in the 11 Categories

Riesling trocken (dry)
2017 Riesling Steinwerk trocken
Weingut Meier, Weyher, Pfalz

Riesling halbtrocken (off-dry)
2017 Riesling feinherb
Weingut Forster, Rümmelsheim, Nahe

Riesling restsüß (naturally sweet)

2017 Berncasteler Doctor Riesling Kabinett
Weingut Witwe Dr. H. Thanisch Erben Müller-Burggraef KG, Bernkastel-Kues, Mosel

Grauburgunder trocken (dry)

2018 STERN Grauer Burgunder vom Lösslehm
Weingut Stern, Hochstadt, Pfalz

Weißburgunder trocken (dry)

2017 Eselpfad Weißer Burgunder trocken
Weingut Hofmann, Appenheim, Rheinhessen

Silvaner trocken (dry)

2017 Kugelspiel Silvaner trocken VDP.ERSTE LAGE
Fürstlich Castell'sches Domänenamt e. K., Castell, Franken

Aromatic white varieties dry

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Fumé trocken
Oliver Zeter, Neustadt-Haardt, Pfalz

White wines naturally sweet

2018 Iphöfer Kalb Gewürztraminer Spätlese VDP.ERSTE LAGE
Hans Wirsching KG, Iphofen, Franken

Spätburgunder trocken (dry)

2017 Gutswein Spätburgunder trocken
Weingut Harald und Jürgen Krebs GbR, Freinsheim, Pfalz

Lemberger trocken (dry)

2016 Stettener Mönchberg Gehrnhalde Lemberger GG VDP.GROSSE LAGE
Weingut Karl Haidle KG, Kernen, Württemberg

German Sekt (sparkling)

2015 Pinot Rosé Brut
Weingut Franz Keller, Vogtsburg-Oberbergen, Baden

Brochure with all the winning wines of Mundus Vini Nordic (pdf)


The first MUNDUS VINI was held 18 years ago and from the start was considered one of the world’s most influential wine competitions. Clear evidence of the importance of this competition in Germany and the broader world can be seen in the over 11,000 wines that are submitted each year. The competition employs the international 100-point system developed by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The MUNDUS VINI Grand International Wine Award, initiated by the Meininger Verlag, is held in spring and late summer.

About the DWI

The Deutsches Weininstitut, known as the DWI or German Wine Institute in English, is the central communication and marketing organ for the German wine industry. Its core mission is the promotion of greater quality and higher sales for wines from the 13 German quality wine regions. This is achieved through PR and publicity work, awareness campaigns and events, participation in national and international trade fairs as well as wine presentations together with German producers from around the world. The DWI distributes informational brochures, newsletters, publications and advertising materials, conducts training sessions and seminars for restaurants and retailers and provides consulting for the wine industry in questions related to sales promotion domestically and abroad. The DWI maintains 14 different informational offices around the world to support German wines on key international export markets.

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50 Jurors have been invited into the spectacular theater "Teaters Skuespilhus" in Copenhagen mid-June.

MUNDUS VINI NORDIC, Copenhagen, June 2019.

MUNDUS VINI NORDIC, Copenhagen, June 2019.