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New cooperation inspires Germany's baking and wine industry


Events organized jointly by winegrowers and bakers - that's the goal! A group of experts from Wines of Germany (DWI) and the German Bread Institute now met at the German National Bakers Academy in Weinheim for an initial work session.

The group's work is aimed at providing information on the enjoyment of bread and wine and to offer knowledge and inspiration to both branches.

A wide variety of different types of wine and bread

Wine and bread have formed an integral part of our food culture and thus of enjoyment for thousands of years. The art of winemaking turned from the ancient "drink of the Gods" into today's culture of modern quality wine production. And, as to bread, the German Commission for UNESCO even added German bread culture to its "List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" in 2014.

In matters of taste, German bread types go extraordinarily well with German wines. Yet, due to the wide variety of different types of wine and bread available in Germany, it is important to get the right combination.

Enjoyment of bread and wine

In order to inspire both the baking industry and the wine-producing business through corresponding knowledge, a joint group of experts from Wines of Germany (DWI) and the German Bread Institute (Deutsches Brotinstitut) has been set up. Its members have already held initial discussions at the German National Bakers Academy in Weinheim.

The work group aims at drawing up proposals for joint events by bakers and winegrowers in order to foster the enjoyment of bread and wine. First basic questions help lay the foundation for achieving this goal: What wine pairs well with what type of bread? And what topping goes well with each flavor?

At its first meeting the group agreed that a lot of specific characteristics would need to be considered to make sure recommendations would be based on global findings. This broad approach is essential if winegrowers and bakers shall be given the opportunity to use the recommendations and knowledge in view of the great variety of individual types of wine and bread.

A printed brochure containing the expert group's recommendations will be made available in the coming year.

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Kick off session for experts from 'Wines of Germany' (Deutsches Weininstitut, DWI) und 'Deutsches Brotinstitut' (German Bread Institute) in Weinheim. (source: Deutsches Brotinstitut/photo by Bernd Siebold).