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New York Times recommends Mosel wine country


US-journalist Adam Graham recommends to visit Germany's Mosel wine country - mother land of fine riesling wines - in his latest New York Times publication. The NYT narrowed down the world's top destinations to 52 places to see in the year of 2016.

Graham is delighted by biodiversity, new hiking trails and a castle spotted alongside the vinyard sights of river Mosel (Moselle).

"The Mosel is shedding its uptight oenophile image and embracing its wild side, which is attracting wine-minded outdoor types to its steep, riesling-lined riverbanks", the writer explains in a NYT online topical page as well. According to Grahams findings, canoe and kayak outfitters are popping up along the undeveloped stretch of river - a rarity in Germany - home to rebounding populations of otters and kingfishers.

The outdoor enthusiast states: "Hikers can embark on the new 365 kilometer-long Moselsteig trail stretching from the French border to Koblenz, join Slow Mosel’s new 2016 tour to Luxembourg or join one of the biodiversity projects at Bauern und Winzerverbandes Rheinland-Nassau (a winemaker organization) that are protecting the riverbank’s stone walls, critical habitat for rare plants and endangered lizards." The NYT columnist closes with the following recommendation: "Travelers seeking a sip of old-school Mosel can stay at Schloss Lieser, a private castle-turned five-star hotel on a 27-acre riesling vineyard that opened in late 2015"

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