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Pinot Noir from Germany heads "Mondial des Pinot" competition


Congratulations to the winner of the 2018 MONDIAL DES PINOTS competition! Pinot noir "Im Sonnenschein" 2015 vintage produced by the German estate Wein- und Sektgut Wilhelmshof in Siebeldingen/Pfalz was not only given a Great Gold Medal but also emerged as best wine and overall winner of the 2018 MONDIAL DES PINOTS competition with the award PRIX MEILLEUR VIN DU CONCOURS. Another award went to Germany, too: "Weißer Burgunder Eiswein" 2016 vintage from Winzergenossenschaft Bötzingen am Kaiserstuhl/Baden was named best pinot blanc and received the PRIX MEILLEUR PINOT BLANC award.

1100 wines made of pinot grape varieties from 361 producers coming from 21 countries were tasted by the international jury. The 21st edition of the MONDIAL DES PINOTS competition was held in Sierre (Valais) from August 5th to 7th, 2018. The majority of wines registered came from Switzerland. This is why it is all the more remarkable that a German pinot noir won the MONDIAL DES PINOTS competition which is the biggest pinot wine competition across the globe.

Three Great Gold medals, five Gold medals and 28 Silver medals went to German wines at this year's contest. The most important awards were given to the above mentioned two estates Wilhelmshof and Winzergenossenschaft Bötzingen and, in addition, to the winner Bickensohler Weinvogtei eG (Baden) for the 2017 pinot blanc wine Bickensohler Steinfelsen Weißburgunder "SK" Kabinett trocken.

The five German Gold medal winners are: Alde Gott Winzer Schwarzwald eG (Baden) with Spätburgunder, Fellbacher Weingärtner eG (Württemberg) with Spätburgunder Weißherbst, Kaiserstühler Winzerverein Oberrotweil (Baden) with Ruländer, Weingut Schloss Proschwitz Prinz zur Lippe (Saxony) with Spätburgunder, and Winzergenossenschaft Jechtingen-Amoltern am Kaiserstuhl eG (Baden) with Weißer Burgunder.

Please refer to for further information on all German pinot wines awarded in Switzerland.

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Das Winzerehepaar Barbara Roth und Thorsten Ochocki vom Wilhelmshof im pfälzischen Siebeldingen produzierte den besten Spätburgunder des Wettbewerbs Mondial des Pinots 2018 im Jahr 2015 in der Weinlage „Im Sonnenschein“. Foto: JackSenn

Winemaking couple Barbara Roth und Thorsten Ochocki from the German wine estate Wilhelmshof in Siebeldingen, Palatinate, produced the award-winning 2015 pinot noir "Im Sonnenschein" judged as overall winner in the 2018 MONDIAL DES PINOTS competition. Photo: Jack Senn