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Private Roof Club Berlin hosts Generation Riesling


At least once a year Generation Riesling winemakers present their new creations in Berlin. April 3rd 2017 this approved routine will go down at the 'Private Roof Club'. The following authentic vintners are very much looking forward to meet representatives of the trade, the press and up market gastronomy:


  • Ahr: Weingut Peter Kriechel
  • Baden: Weingut Lena Flubacher
  • Franken: Weingut Weigand
  • Mosel: Weingut Max Ferd. Richter // Weingut Walter
  • Nahe: Weingut Sinß
  • Pfalz: Weingut Bietighöfer // Weingut Karl-Heinz Gaul // Weingut Geiger // Weingut
    Phillip Heinz // Weingut Jesuitenhof // Weingut Klein // Weingut Margarethenhof //
    Weingut Mehling
  • Rheingau: Weingut Karlo Dillmann
  • Rheinhessen: Weingut Bernhard // Alexander Flick // Weingut Frey // Weingut Sina
    Mertz // Weingut Daniel Schmitt // Weingut Steinmühle // Weingut Strub
  • Württemberg: Weingut Albrecht-Kiessling // Weinschwestern
  • Sachsen: Weingut Schuh

From 3.00 to 7.00 p.m. 25 Generation Riesling members from ten of 13 German wine growing regions will serve their wines personally close to "Oberbaumbrücke".It's a great opportunity to keep up to date with current wine trends and tune up with the Berlin wine szene.

Generation Riesling | Berlin
Monday, April 3rd 2017, 3.00 – 7.00 p.m.
Private Roof Club, Mühlenstr. 78-80, 10243 Berlin

Master Sommelier Hendrik Thoma offers insights in the dynamic and potential of the Generation Riesling movement in Germany. His seminar "Generation Riesling – Discover the Future!" starts at 2.00 p.m. and will provide the guests with individually selected wines of young winemakers. The seminar is free of charge but guests are kindly asked to register here prior to the event.

Generation Riesling - background information

Young, innovative, open-minded: this is the impression that members of „Generation Riesling” project at many events in Germany and abroad. They are representative of a well-educated, internationally oriented, and ambitious younger generation assuming responsibility within the German wine industry, be it as wine-grower, managing director or winemaker at an estate, or at a cooperative or commercial winery. The age limit is 35.

The German Wine Institute/Mainz initiated the concept in order to provide younger members of the wine scene – a group quite distinct from existing interest groups – a national and international platform that includes presentations at international wine trade fairs as well as selected events in Germany and abroad.

All members of the initiative are willing to act collectively as ambassadors of the nation’s modern, first-class and dynamic wine industry, and realize that it doesn’t compromise their individuality. While the name highlights Riesling, the German varietal currently in vogue and thus most likely to capture attention at home and abroad, Generation Riesling does not exclude growers who focus on other traditional varieties, such as Pinots, Silvaner, Lemberger, etc.

A wine institute workshop with 80 young wine-growers in the summer of 2009 added impetus to the concept for the open-minded and constantly growing group, and won the applause of the entire wine industry. In addition to generating new ideas and marketing concepts for the future, a website ( was born, which in the meantime, provides online profiles, wine portfolios, and the news of some 160 members of 300 registered members from all of Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions.

According to Monika Reule, executive managing director of the German Wine Institute: "We hope that as many young growers/winemakers as possible will join the Generation Riesling movement. They are the ambassadors we are counting on to embody and project the modern image of today’s Geman wine worldwide."

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Bereits zum 7. Mal präsentiert sich die Generation Riesling Anfang April in Berlin.