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Relaunch for 'Wines of Germany's' nordic offices


Nordic export markets have an exceptional position amoung the top-selling countries in favor of 'Wines of Germany'. The German Wine Institute relaunched its' respective Swedish and Danish website with an up-to-date picture language, an interactive map and topical premium content.

The information offices' new homepages and were finalised in may 2017. Visitors can research wine knowledge, -trends and events mostly in their respective mother tongue. Social media channels support the 'Wines of Germany'-communications work in Denmark and Sweden.

These lates relaunches are the preliminary punch line of a number of digital communication reforms executed by The German Wine Institute's headquarter in Bodenheim near Great Wine Capital of Mainz. The two-year-long phase boosted Wines of Germany's media reach and web-ranking in 13 individual export markets.

The German wine industry's central marketing and communications organization (The German Wine Institute, i.e. Wines of Germany) contributes some 10.000 individual articles in print and online media to the annual 'Wines of Germany' buzz. This capitulates over 600 Million readers p.a.

Wines of Germany - offices worldwide

Wines of Germany event in Stockholm, Sweden

Wines of Germany event in Kopenhagen, Denmark